Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Multi-Author Book Signing Event, Batesville, AR

If the Lord’s willin’, and the creeks don’t rise (as my grandpa used to say), TigerEye Publications is going to be presenting a special event at Elizabeth’s Restaurant on Main Street in Batesville – 11am ‘til 2pm, Saturday, June 23. It’s a big ol’ book signing that will feature seven (count ‘em, 7) Arkansas authors, plus pre-signed books from two more; and we’d like to see as many of your friendly faces there as possible. All-in-all, there should be something like 17 different books available – from children’s books to tweens to poetry to historical fiction. Something for everybody.

Of course, you’re not required to buy any of the books; and there’s no admission charge. If you’d just like to drop by and say hello; meet the authors; talk with us about publishing your own book; or just have yourself a great Elizabeth’s lunch and watch the goings on, please, come on down!

Appearing will be the prolific Ila Clements, author of “Mist Over the Marshlands,” “Love & Deception in Carolina,” “Living Well in Carolina,” and “Return to Carolina.” Ila’s got a thing for Carolina, in case you couldn’t tell, and she’s passionate about her novels. She’ll have all four of them there to sign if you want to pick one up.

Kenton Adler, the infamous guitar-pickin’ mad piper from Lyon College, will have his first young adult novel, “The Silver Pipes of Tir nan Og.” plus his excellent illustrated (by Jody Hughes) children’s book “An Alligator in Your Yard.” For those with young children, an autographed copy of this book would be a wonderful keepsake.

Lena Ogilvie Byler has penned a beautiful book of inspirational poetry, with illustrations by Jamie Kelley, called “Fireflies in a Jar.” This one will bring smiles and tears to even old cynical coots, such as myself. Great gifts for your loved ones. She’ll be there to sign them.

Camille Nesler, one of our newer authors, is coming up from Benton with her book, “No Vaccine for Stupid,” which chronicles her experiences as a school nurse. You’ll be entertained by the creativity of some of these kids when coming up with ideas to go home “sick,.” as well as the complicity of some of their teachers and parents.

From Melbourne comes our very own high school novelist, Hannah Qualls. No, not a novelist who writes about high school – a novelist who is IN high school. About the time most of us were becoming fascinated with things like pogo sticks, Hannah was publishing her second novel. Hannah was chosen for 2012 as one of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’s “20 to Watch.” We’re thrilled to have her attending with her first two books: “Jack or Hyde?” and “The Ghost of Hyde.”

I just found out that our most recent author, Cat Bounds, from Cabot, spent about 14 years in Batesville, where she was known as Cathy Finley. She taught English at BJHS. My wife is currently reading Cat’s first novel, “Going Over Jordan,” and giving me a bit of a complex with all her raving comments about the book – as did Vaughanda Bowie, my editor, when we were publishing it. I fear we may be losing Cat pretty soon to one of the big publishing houses, so come see her while you have the chance!

I’ll have four of my own books there as well: “Dinner With WT – 10th Anniversary Edition;” “Purity;” “Darker Tales;” and the latest one - “unrighteous god.”

Twyla Gill Wright has a conflicting engagement on this Saturday, but she has graciously agreed to have a friend appear with pre-signed copies of of her first book, “The Scarlet Glass.”

Also, Teresa Burns Murphy, who lives way out yonder in Virginia, has sent some signed copies of her popular novel “The Secret to Flying” to me to make available at the event.

We know that there are talented, undiscovered writers still out there, and TigerEye Publications would like to find them before somebody else does. So, if you’ve got a manuscript of your own that you’d like to have considered for publication, come on down and tell us about it. Vaughanda Bowie and I are anxious to discover the next best seller.

I suppose, with the excellent reputation Elizabeth’s Restaurant has, there’s no need to list the address for the locals, but I’m going to do that anyway for the folks who’ll be coming in from out of town: 231 E. Main, Batesville, Arkansas. We are so thankful to them for hosting this event, and would love to see their lunch business on Saturday June 23 go through the roof. I mean, have you eaten there? Lawd, them’s some good vittles!

Come see us, will ya?