Tuesday, January 26, 2021

CHEROKEE SALT - paperback available now


Set against the background of Covid 19 and the political polarization of 2020, reluctant, but hungry private investigator, Jeff Davis, accepts a murder investigation from a wealthy client. The victim – a shady transient – had been killed five years earlier, but her body was only recently discovered. The client’s son is then arrested for the crime, based on DNA evidence, and Jeff’s seemingly impossible quest is to prove the man’s innocence. In pursuit of justice for his client, he angers a rogue DEA agent who becomes obsessed with revenge against the investigator, by any means necessary. Underlying is Jeff’s unpaid fascination with all things alien, which moves closer to answers he and his small group have been seeking for years. “Cherokee Salt” follows “Purity” and “unrighteous god” as the third in this series of Jeff Davis novels. This is the first time, however, the story is told by Jeff, himself.

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