Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Nothing Rhymes with Orange. A poem.

Peepee and hookers

Hookers and pee

I grabbed her by that

And she squirted bigly

Peepee and hookers

Russian hookers and piss

They’ll surely try to make

A scandal of this

She peed on my head

And I peed on her back

I taught her to squeal

And she taught me to hack

With my fingers too short

To type on the keys

She called Uncle Vlad

And asked for help, please

He took off his shirt

And sent out his spies

To help his friend Donne

With an October surprise

Peepee and hookers

Hackers and reds

They make my hair yellow

When they pee on my head

But I owe lots of money

To Vlad and the boys

He thinks that it’s funny

And he gives me no choice

I’ll be his orange puppet

And he’ll pull the strings

Lest he leak to the Wiki

All my really sick things

Peepee and hookers

Got me now in a trap

At least that kid that I raped

Didn’t give me the clap

Peepee and hookers

University suits

Nazis and Klansmen

In black leather boots

Handicapped mocking

Big concrete walls

Wife still in the Tower

A Press with no balls

Three million voters

Disgruntled and scared

I pissed on them all

But my fans they don’t care

Now it’s me and Ivanka

In that big White House bed

Doing lines off the mirror

As if we were wed

Peepee and hookers

Caligula’s life

The boys run the business

Vlad talks to my wife

He’ll tell her just what

He wants me to do

And I’ll be tremendous

As I do it to you

Fake news and losers

They can’t bring me down

And I’ll go down in history

As Vladimir’s clown.

Peepee and Hookers

Brash talk and big bucks

No private server

Rednecks in trucks

Peepee and hookers

All coke and no beer

Big Oval Office

Four goddamned years
(c) Rick Baber, 2017

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